Pam captures the magic of your pets.

And on behalf of overworked and overpopulated rescues everywhere, we ask that all pet owners please consider spaying and neutering your pets.  It's better for them and for the pet population.

In the fall of 2011, we were asked to participate in a program to help further the cause of helping other rescued pets find forever homes.  That simple invitation opened a new world for us and has been the driving force behind our dedication to photographing all pets, documenting that special something they bring to our lives.  Today we regularly photograph people's pets as our primary business focus, but we continue to contribute to the cause of so many organizations who rescue unwanted and abused pets.  We dedicate our efforts to Cleo and Puma in their memory.

She was rescued off the street and became an exceptionally important part of our lives.  She taught us how to love so very deeply and now that she's gone, she has left a void we cannot describe.  She taught us what rescued really means.

She padded into our lives and left her paw prints on our hearts.  Her name was Cleo.  And she changed everything.




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Here are some kind words from a few of our clients (our friends):

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"I'd like to thank Pam for the wonderful work she did on my headshot.  The lighting was fantastic and I loved how the shot brought out the red highlights in my hair!!!  Thank you and I would highly recommend Pam for your wedding and corporate headshots!" - Angela A.

"I just wanted to let you know that I loved the cards.  They're all mailed out and people have already been calling to comment on how wonderful they are.  You really did a good job, and I wanted to say Thank You." - Laura R.

In the fall of 2009, another special spirit came into our lives.  All too soon Puma left us as well, also leaving her tiny paw prints upon our hearts, never having grown into her ears!

Shandelle makes that magic happen!

"You had some really nice images in Tahlequah.  Thanks for the extra measure of care that shows up in your work." - Hamp J. (fellow photographer in Alabama)

We want to thank everyone who volunteers their time, effort, blood, sweat, and tears to rescuing unwanted and abused pets.  You are unsung heroes and we will continue to help you raise funds for your efforts with the goal that all pets have safe, loving forever homes.

"Pam Meyers does an amazing job at capturing awesome pet photos!" - Farah S.

"I would recommend Pam Meyers of Imagine If Photography any day!  She has awesome results, knows what to look for in her customers, not to mention she is a very talented photographer!  I would and will work with her again and recommend her to my family and friends!" - Kaleena S.

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"Pam takes the most awesome pics of animals!  She is very patient and will charm even the most skittish dog into a great photo." - Leslie H.

"You made me a rock star, Miss Pam!" - Brad F.

Beginning in the late 1990's, Pam Meyers discovered her love of photography while following the dance pursuits of her youngest daughter.  Pam's experiences with her daughter's love of dance had given her an edge to learning how to capture "peak movements" in a performance.  She took this experience and applied it to capturing precious moments in other people's lives, dedicating herself to education and training to perfect her craft.

"Working with me and my daughter, Shandelle, has been described as 'a lot of fun,' a description I hold in the highest regard.  It has always been my philosophy to first and foremost love what I do, have fun doing what I love, love the people I work with, and let the rest take care of itself."  This philosophy toward her work has allowed her and her daughter to meet the most wonderful people, often times developing relationships that continue for years.

Pam and Shandelle carry the desire to create emotional reactions in all their work for each and every client they serve.  Their primary focus today centers around pet portraits, but they still enjoy capturing moments in special events for those clients with whom they've developed those special relationships.  "Our clients are much more than customers of photography; they are our friends!"