Your Story

"Moments in your life are so very precious."

Everyone has moments in their lives that are so touching, so precious, the mental images are burned into memory.  For me, those moments are the "firsts" I experienced with my children, the playful times spent with beloved pets, and the memorable instants spent with loved ones who are now passed.  I cherish those precious memories because they are now gone and will never happen exactly that way again.

"Capturing those moments is remarkable."

Sometimes we capture moments in time on purpose and sometimes by accident.  I've dedicated myself to learning new ways of capturing a fragment of time that will forever be preserved.  Beautiful photography allows us to share those special moments with others, today and for years to come.  It is my commitment to utilize my insights, talents, and experience to help you capture and preserve your most precious memories.

"Preserving those moments is priceless!"

It is a fact that our loved ones (our family, our friends, our pets, and our experiences) will pass from us at some point and there is no more fitting occasion than now to do something to capture and preserve those memories.  In my line of work, there is no greater pleasure than to hear emotion or to see tears of joy from taking a single instant in time and capturing some characteristic which depicts that person, pet or event.  These captured moments that we so carefully cherish help us in remembering everything about that person or pet and what they meant to us.

For The Guys

Do you want to score some serious points with someone special?  Then pay close attention!

Let's face it:  gift giving for women can sometimes be very stressful.  So here are some thoughts to ponder when you need a gift that will be cherished forever.

Women are the primary curators of memories.  They take photos, post them to social media regularly, and are the creators of most all the photo albums and scrapbooks out there.  Women love photos!

Why is that?  Because women love things that stir their emotions.  They love their kids, they love their pets, they love weddings.  Images of any of these things makes them say "Oh, that's so cute (or beautiful, or sweet)!" and then they want to share them with all their family and friends.  And they love it when others say those things about them!

So here is your chance to score those points.  Give her a gift that she will cherish for her entire life and can be shared with everyone she loves.  Here are some ideas:

  • Have kids?  Arrange for a photo session of the kids and let her choose the images and types of prints.

  • Have pets?  Get the pets photographed for the purpose of making an album that tells the story of her "other" kids.

  • Does she (or you) have aging parents?  Buy a gift certificate for a large family session to preserve the memories of your loved ones.

  • Is the woman in your life in need of a very special gift?  How about a boudoir session?  She will leave the session with an emotional lift of feeling very beautiful and special!

Are you sensing a pattern here?

Give that special someone in your life a gift that will be cherished for years to come.  It will be a gift that will always be remembered as extra special.

"I will never work with anyone again, besides YOU!  I thank you and appreciate all your work, hospitality, and generosity.  I know lots and lots of people and I'm sending them all YOUR WAY!"  -  Shannon H., OKC

Now is the time, so call us TODAY to schedule your consultation before any more time slips away!

(As told from a personal  perspective)